New fire rating system to commence

31st August 2022


The community can expect a simpler fire rating system from September 1 as NSW adopts the new Australian Fire Danger Rating System.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) had provided key input in development of the new system, leading the way when it comes to responding to fire danger in our communities.

Mr Anderson said. “Their expertise has shaped a brand-new fire rating system, enabling them to better work with the community through the summer months when there is a heightened risk of fire. Their expertise has driven nationwide reform meaning that the fire rating system you see here in our region will be the same wherever you travel around the country.”

The new Fire Danger Rating System has four levels, instead of the previous six:

  1. Moderate;
  2. High;
  3. Extreme; and
  4. Catastrophic.

On days when there is minimal risk, such as when it is raining, Fire Danger Rating signs will be set to No Rating.

There will also be clear actions to take at each level:

  1. At Moderate, Plan and prepare;
  2. At High, Be ready to act;
  3. At Extreme, Take action now to protect your life and property; and
  4. At Catastrophic, For your survival leave bush fire risk areas.

Residents in the Tamworth Electorate can find out more at:

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