Fuel Tax Credit changes

1st February 2023


Businesses, including primary producers, that are eligible to claim the fuel tax credit need to be aware that since the 29th September 2022 the rate that you claim has changed.

From that date the rates are as follows:

Fuels for off Road Use                    46.0 CENTS PER LITRE

Fuel for on road use                             

18.80 CENTS PER LITRE                

If you are claiming the Tax credit in your December BAS than you will need to apply the above rates.

These rates will be effective for fuel purchased up to the 31st January 2023.

If you have already lodged your December BAS and have not applied the above rates you will need to lodge an amended BAS with the Australian Taxation Office.

Note that the rate will change again before the March quarter BAS is due.

This update has been provided by D J Kelly & Co Chartered Accountants and if we can assist please contact us at kelly@djkelly.com.au or on 02 67821403.