Barraba town clock being repaired

22nd March 2023

Renewal of historic town clocks at Manilla and Barraba

Renewal of the historic town clocks at Manilla and Barraba has commenced this week and will take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Both town clocks have been losing time in recent years due to their internal master clocks finally reaching end of their life after decades of reliable service.

Manilla’s clock is the only one of its kind known to remain in use within NSW, and Barraba’s town clock dates back to 1924.

While the external look of these historic town clocks will remain the same, the internal master clocks will be replaced by 4 independent GPS controlled intelligent clock mechanisms and a GPS antenna.

The use of separate mechanisms requires modification of the hands, however the existing hands will be retained to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the historic clocks. The mechanisms will self-synchronise with the GPS and reset following any power interruption as well as adjust automatically for daylight savings.