Childrens Pets at the Show

17th March 2023

Children’s Pets Show

Always the final event at the annual Barraba Show, the 2023 Dogs and Small Pets Section was again great fun and a great success. The Champion of the Show was ‘Jo Jo’, Olivia

Tonkin’s dachshund pup, and runner-up was Angus Crowley’s ‘Maggie’. (pictured last week). 

There were plenty of other pets other than dogs. The young Eddingtons had some great pets; Caspian with his turtle, and his turtle suit deserves a special mention. And in the special categories, donated by Meg Crowley, as you would expect, the Best Tail Wagger prize went to a Jack Russell – ‘Cooper’, belonging to Bodie Crozier.

 Thank you to all who helped with the Pet Show. First and foremost a big thank you to our local Vet, Rebecca, who took time out from her very busy life to come along with her family to do the very difficult job of deciding who got the ribbons. Announcer Bill Croll again did a superb job, keeping the show rolling while keeping us entertained. And lastly, our Mermaid Steward Meredyth Bell (pictured left), apart from very efficiently taking entries and recording results, dressed properly for the occasion - the Show theme was “fish”. And lastly, thanks to the Pet Show sponsors; Barraba RSL Club, RSL Anglers Club, H W Atkinson Memorial, IGA Barraba and Meg Crowley.

 Terry Threlfall, Chief Steward, Dogs and Pets