Barraba SES on call out

17th April 2024

Barraba SES

Recently, after some pretty wild and woolly weather saw the first call out of the newly re-formed Barraba SES. Phil Denyer, Patrick Wheelan and Greg Forder responded to a call out to Trevallyn Road to open the road due to fallen trees and debris across the road blocking off access. Added support was sourced from Luke from Manilla SES and invaluable help from our own TRC people with the valuable aid of a frontend loader.

The road was re-opened within a couple of hours thanks to a quick response.

SES can only continue to support Barraba with a strong and active team. SES conducts every bit of training and skills we need to carry out these tasks to help not just members, but to help our community in a time of distress and need. None of us know when we will be needed but, we can only help if we have the members trained and ready.

We will always need people between 16 years to no upper age limit. 

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